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Riddle Room is a good reason to meet the members of your most frequented Whatsapp group in person. From casual hangouts to corportate events, we got you covered. We know that adventure can’t be enjoyed on an empty stomach. So along with your one-of-a-kind experience, we also offer cost-friendly food and beverage options in partnership with popular restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Team Outing Bangalore - About Team Outing
Team Outing Bangalore - Team building

The first thought that an employee has after receiving the dreaded ‘team building’ email is white boards, cheesy role-playing and a pep talk. So surprise your employees with a session at Riddle Room for a team building exercise like they’ve never experienced before.

Go beyond clichéd trust exercises and give your employees the opportunity to share a real-life adventure, where they can bring their collective strengths and skills together. Communication, team spirit, leadership and analytical thinking all come into play.

What’s more, make a day out of it with wallet-friendly food and beverage options from popular restaurants in the area.

We believe nothing brings a team together like working towards saving themselves from eternal doom.

Note: Normally it’s 2-8 players per room. For larger groups of 20-50 use the contact form below and we can work something out.

Team Outing Bangalore - Birthdays

Birthdays are supposed to mark the start of an exciting new year, so why not go on an adventure that is truly unique? No matter the age, Riddle Room is perfect for friends and family trying to plan a special birthday day out. Trust us, way more social media bragging rights than a group dinner.

Team Outing Bangalore - Friends

The best thing about an adventure is that anyone can have them. 10 year olds, grandparents, bachelors, newlyweds, parents – literally anyone. With unique storylines and innovative puzzles Riddle Room offers something for everyone. Parents desperate for their little ones’ birthday celebration, bachelor party planners who can’t afford a trip to Thailand or a husband plotting an anniversary surprise – find your answer hidden inside a clue here.

Team Outing Bangalore - Schools & College

Tear kids away from their video game screens by immersing them in a real-life game. Whether you’re a parent trying to entertain kids during the summer holidays, or a school trying to organize an outing, Riddle Room has all the elements for a learning experience that is physical, mental and social.

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