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Escape rooms are at the intersection of games and themed entertainment. They combine elements of theater with gameplay and special effects, and are becoming increasingly popular. They are the latest example of the experience economy: the concept that consumers now prefer to spend money on creating memories and experiencing something new, rather than passively consuming. Experiential entertainment in that regard is becoming highly popular.

Recently more and more investors have realized the significant business potential of the business and the concept started to evolve. This is when Riddle Room comes into the picture. We are creating a new category of sensory experiences. Part game, part theatre, part team building. FULLY immersive, FULLY interactive and FULLY awesome.

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise

Why Us

We put our hearts and minds into Riddle Room. We aren’t looking for a cash grab. We didn’t open up with a tiny budget hoping to catch a “fad”. Escape rooms shouldn’t be just one thing and it’s our goal to provide an experience that essentially resembles a mini theme park where players can have fun while remaining fully immersed in each mission or game.

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise1


Pioneer of the concept in the country

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise2


Rated highly online and awarded a Tripadvisor 2017 certificate of excellence for consistently providing a superior experience in every way

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise3


3 month royalty free period and comparatively low franchise fee

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise4

Forward thinking

Future game designs offered at affordable rates

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise5

Game Design

Focus on quality experience and game flow that is logical, immersive and sensible

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise6


Range of games that customers from ages 10-75 can play

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise8


Established brand that over 10,000 people have experienced in the last 2 years

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise9


Skilled set of people from design, marketing, advertising and technology backgrounds

Package Inclusions

Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise10
Customer Experience Guides
Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise11
Constructed and assembled electronic puzzles
Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise12
Operational manuals
Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise13
Game designs
Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise14
Marketing collaterals
Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise15
Rights to use our brand
Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise16
Website and booking systems
Riddle Room Bangalore - Franchise17
3D Plan

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