While the majority of organizations realize that the secret to success is consistent teamwork, the most successful organizations actually engage in targeted team-building exercises at least a couple of times each year. There are many types of activities companies can do for corporate team building. There are trust games, restaurant outings, laser tag, obstacle courses; the list goes on and on. But each of these options has one thing in common. They all get pale in comparison to the best team building activity in Bangalore: Riddle Room – Live Escape Rooms in Bangalore.

Riiddle Room – Team Building Activity

One of the newest and craziest entrants to “immersive experience-based consumerism” is the concept of escape rooms which has rises to the top of the entertainment industry. While escape rooms concept started in Asia, it has now gained popularity in the United States, Canada and Europe. One of the forerunners in India is the Riddle Room in Bangalore.

“Live Escape rooms” are considered to be team building activities accelerating at a rapid speed and gaining popularity worldwide. These games allow the organizations to identify the performance of the individual in particular and the team as a whole. The game enables the team to have an intense collaboration among one another to work together. One of the activities any organization has to conduct for effective team building implementation.

ondering what exactly an escape room is?

It is an immersive themed real-time live action adventure game in which a group of people, usually numbering 3 to 8, are locked in a room filled with clues, puzzles, ciphers, codes and other hidden objects. Team members have to work together to find said clues, solve mind-boggling puzzles and riddles that help them breakout from the room but within an hour. Once the team is able to solve all the puzzles and riddles within the specified hour, the door unlocks for them to breakout Bangalore now has a great addition to unique team building activities.

Riddle Room in Bangalore.

As people are finding this concept to be so intriguing and intellectually challenging, it is capturing the attention of many companies and corporates that are craving for team building activities in Bangalore that are unique+new-age; and experiences that are immersive and different.

So what makes it a good team activity?

Firstly, the main aim of the escape room’s design is to entail the work of each member of the team. A single person will not be able to solve all the puzzles and riddles within an hour by him or herself. There must be proper cooperation and coordination amongst the team in gathering the clues and communicating their game strategy to bring the pieces together. They must put their minds together to crack codes, ciphers and cryptic messages in order to draw a conclusion which helps them to breakout Bangalore has never seen a concept like this before.

Secondly, there is a unique theme for each room that makes it feel real and highly tactile.

Riddle Room’s themes create laughter, fun and a highly unique experience that will be remembered around the office for a long time to come while giving companies the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic and creative genius in a high pressure apocalyptic survival scenario ….kind of like an office right?

Moreover, the concept of escape rooms does wonders for employees who lack self-confidence. Here players are enforced to make spontaneous decisions and trust on one’s instinct and verdict in helping their team escape. Contributing to the team’s escape is a sure shot technique to enhance the self-esteem of employees lagging in individual performance.

The time limit creates urgency among the players besides the mental challenges to be solved and force the team players to depend on one another, allowing these escape room games to be the seamless tool in bolstering a core team. The escape room experience not only builds the team’s spirit, but it also enhances the employees’ trust on one another, specifically during nerve-racking situations.

These games are one of the best options for corporates, companies, start-ups, teams and employees to have fun and return to work as better and more assertive team players. Large groups can solve two rooms together or compete in a timed competition known as “The Escape Artist Challenge”. We guarantee an appreciation of the contributions of your fellow players and an almost universal agreement that everyone will have a lot of fun! This is a team building event you will never forget as when teams are done, they always tell us two things:

  1. The Riddle Room experience built new relationships, strengthened existing ones, and vastly improved the team’s performance.
  2. They want to know when they can come back and play our other games.

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