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Riddle Room is an escape. A thrilling escape from the same ol’ weekend plan. A way out of the daily routine into a world of excitement and heart-racing action. For 60 minutes, the only thing more mind-blowing than being a covert government agent, is to commit the robbery of the century.

Every door is a portal. So let us take you away to the tomb of an ancient pharaoh, an eccentric art collector’s house, a serial killer’s warehouse, or a secret lab.

And whether you make it out a winner, or get trapped inside for eternity, you will be left wanting more. Just remember that nothing is what it appears to be. Danger lurks in every corner, and clues wait at every turn.

Riddle Room Bangalore - about us


Riddle Room is for everyone. For those who enjoy a good mystery or those who are whizzes at solving puzzles. It’s for those who want to try something new on the weekend to those who want to mentally challenge themselves. From 10 year olds to senior citizens, this experience is equally exciting for everyone.


A fun twist to team building exercises. No better way to get your employees to work together than trapping them in a room and forcing them to fight for their lives.

Gamers and Geeks

After investing hours in virtual thrills, finally there’s an opportunity to take that adrenaline offline into the real world.

Family and Friends

Add some excitement to get-togethers with friends and family. Be it the weekly catch-up, a birthday party or no reason at all, a session at Riddle Room is the perfect break from monotony.


Take a break from solving math problems and take a shot at cracking the escape room. Just like an exam, the clock is ticking!


Riddle Room Bangalore - skills_1

Sherlock Holmes
alter ego

Riddle Room Bangalore - skills_2

Team Work

not strangling your friends/family/colleagues

Riddle Room Bangalore - skills_3


counting backwards from 10,000 while your teammates can’t focus.

Riddle Room Bangalore - skills_4


what most of your team is struggling to do.

Riddle Room Bangalore - skills_5

solving skills

what you thought you had.

Riddle Room Bangalore - skills_6

Lateral thinking

dismantling the wifi router thinking it is definitely a clue. Please note: it is NOT.

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